MABEA Premise


The question at hand is this… Is it too late for a 45-year-old, single male to actually change his life? Or, to be more specific; Can a Middle-Aged Bachelor truly evolve above and beyond?

Over the next several months I will participate in adventurous and fun quests, based on a Life List you may find on this site. These include things like driving a stock car at Charlotte Motor Speedway (completed & pics posted on site – in-car video coming soon) white water rafting, riding in a jet-fighter and much more. Not every experience will be hardcore adrenaline-based, but my hope is this adventurous experiment to discover how to consistently reach the state of “Flow” (AKA The Zone) will lead to greater self-confidence, passion, drive and faith needed to surpass my potential, and deliver true fulfillment in life. But more importantly, I want to contribute more to my fellow brothers and sisters in this world.

You all are invited to join me; either in-person or via interactive communication, which I will discuss further soon (still ironing out the details.) You may contact me through this site (Contact link on main menu) or on my Facebook page.

We can all achieve greatness! Let the experiment begin…

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

– Todd