Technology Review: SlingTV APP (iOS) – Beyond Disappointing

For twenty-five years we’ve been hearing how “a‘ la’ carte” television programming is going to revolutionize the broadcast industry, and I’ve been a devoted advocate patiently awaiting it’s arrival. SlingTV threw it’s hat into the ring a few years back and is now making its big push this Fall to lead the paradigm shift. While Sling on smart TVs reportedly works well, the SlingTV App for iOS is anything but revolutionary. In fact, it’s not worth the virtual paper it’s printed on.

Glitchy, agonizing and downright sloppy are a few adjectives which spring to mind after downloading and attempting to use the SlingTV App just fifteen hours ago. The public would like nothing more than to witness the painful demise of the cable and satellite television corporations who have robbed them blind for decades. But unfortunately, Direct TV and Comcast won’t have to worry about their bottom lines plunging into the red anytime soon.

Confusing navigation menus and constant streaming kick-outs will have prospective Sling customers heading for the hills  before their 7-day free trial ends. Yes, the experience is that brutal. We needed this shift in TV subscription packaging so badly but unless Sling can pull off a miraculous revamp soon, we’re going to be waiting for it a little longer.

2 thoughts on “Technology Review: SlingTV APP (iOS) – Beyond Disappointing

  1. Benko says:

    I love my Sling TV!! But I get it through Roku and it’s not glitchy at all. I have not tried it over a wireless network on 4G.

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