Life List

This following is a working list of life goals and experiences I plan to accomplish (no particular order & still adding to it) Some I’ve been fortunate enough to have done and are notated with a check-mark. However, I’m not necessarily opposed to doing them again 🙂

Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. And if you would like to join me in any of these, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. After all, sharing life is what matters most. So let’s do this!


My Life List: (a work in progress)

  1. Drive a race car √
  2. Jump out of an airplane √
  3. White Water Rafting
  4. Horseback Riding
  5. Fly a Helicopter
  6. Perform Stand-up Comedy on stage
  7. Scuba Dive
  8. Fly a Glider Plane
  9. Complete a Triathlon
  10. Swim competitively again (Masters Swim Team)
  11. Learn to Surf
  12. See The Grand Canyon
  13. Drive Across the Country
  14. Ride in a Jet Fighter
  15. Go Wake Boarding
  16. Drag Race on a track
  17. Drive a Rally Car
  18. Rock Climbing
  19. Become Fluent in Spanish
  20. Play Guitar on Stage (This one will take extra practice!)
  21. Work in Hollywood √
  22. Act in a Film √
  23. Attend a Tony Robbins event
  24. Have a discussion with Elon Musk
  25. Teach Swim Lessons to Adults
  26. Ride in a Bi-plane (See Snoopy & The Red Barron)
  27. Cliff Jump √
  28. Interview James Carville (Planning for this Fall)
  29. Earn a PhD
  30. Teach at a University
  31. Start Foundation for Mental Well-Being (including Concussion/CTE)
  32. Complete Novel – Get published
  33. Be a Father
  34. Fall in love and spend life with a wonderful woman…

(To be continued)

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