Flow – what is it?

Throughout this journey you will hear and see the term Flow quite a bit. So what exactly is flow and how does it pertain to this adventure? While it’s difficult to describe the entire process in a single blog, the simplest way to define flow might be: The physical, mental and spiritual zone of complete confidence, and oneness with your surroundings in the now.

Steven Kotler – co-founder of Flow Genome Project and author of Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Experience – defines Flow as an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.”

During flow, our standard perception of  time disappears; the past or future no longer occupy any part of the mind. Everything slows down, gut instinct takes over and a euphoric sense of peace replaces any previous fear, doubt or worry that previously inhabited your soul. In short, flow allows one to completely exist in the present (or The Now) and achieve beyond your ‘potential.’

Sports & athletics is the most common topic in which you’ve probably heard this discussed before; especially the more “extreme” or “action” sports, such as skydiving/BASE jumping, rock climbing and surfing. While it’s been scientifically proven that these amazing athletes do achieve flow more often and quicker than most, anyone can enter into flow. Studies have shown that work production increases greatly when employees achieve this state. Artists, actors, volunteers and many others also experience flow regularly. And you’ve probably heard stories about moms lifting cars to save their children pinned underneath. How is it possible to lift a 3,000-pound hunk of steel? The answer: FLOW. 

Since there seems to be an acronym for everything these days, one more can’t hurt. This is the one I’ve come up with…

Freedom Living Outside (of) Worry.”

The chemical process which occurs in the brain is fascinating. But it is also too long to put into this blog post, so I’ll compound on this subject more in the near future. For now, I just want to hand you a brief look at flow and I hope to understand and explore it much more myself. My hypothesis for this adventure: By learning how to reach flow regularly, exist in The Now, and explore the unknown (to me,) I believe that life can become more rewarding; not just to myself, but in helping others as well.

– Todd